Computer & Internet

Place : JC Pioneer Center - Classroom
Administrator: Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Basic : Windows & Word Processing

Instructor : Shingo Arase
Date : Every Wednesday
Time : 9:30am ~ 11:30am & 12:30pm〜2:30pm

This class is designed for the first time users. You will learn

  • How to start & end the Windows computer
  • How to type keyboard and compose sentences
  • How to type Japanese and other foreign languages

Advanced : Internet & Application Software

Instructor : Toshi Miyamoto
Prerequisite : Basic Class or 6 month Usage of computer
Date : Every Thursday
Time : 9:30am ~ 3pm

This class describes how computer can assist your life. You will learn

  • how to transfer pictures from camera to computer
  • how to edit and organize those pictures
  • how to send email and attachments
  • how you can benefit by connecting to internet

The above two classes are always full. Please contact Pioneer Center office (213) 680 - 1656 to ask for the current capacity.